Friday, September 25, 2009

More Fun Playing with Holiday Food

I have been remiss in blogging lately - so busy with so many things! The most recent busy-ness has been the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashonah, which literally means "the head of the days." We enjoyed two nights of friends and their family, and some terrific food. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Tom of Exploring Food My Way, I knew I didn't need to take a lot of photos this time around. Follow the link in the prior sentence to see Tom's photos and account of the pre-dinner festivities.

I did take a few shots, which I'll share with you:

Dinner Table - Each Place with a Ramekin of Ohio Honey

Garden Cherry Tomatoes and Horseradish, Gefilte Fish with Carrots

Once again, Mister Brisket delivered with wonderful raw fish for the Gefilte.

Platter of Assorted Garden Tomatoes with Garden Basil, and Garden Radishes and Peppers

Note to self - remove the reflective spoon from the plate before snapping picture when next you photograph.

I will stop here, so as not to spoil Tom's Part II post. This is a time of year about reflection and renewal. I have been doing a lot of that lately. I resolve for the New Year (5770, folks - the sixties are over) to continue playing with my food!

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