Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Fun Playing with Superior Pho (Cleveland Asiatown)

My second visit to Cleveland Asiatown's Superior Pho came shortly after the first. I'm not sure if I should be sad or glad that Superior Pho is 20-30 minutes from my home - I'd be eating there every day in winter if it was closer, that's for sure!

This second visit began with a shared order of Cha Gio (spring rolls). Stuffed with pork, vegetables and cellophane noodles (bean threads), the rolls were incredibly hot and crispy.

These ranked up with the best spring rolls I've ever enjoyed. And I could drink that dipping sauce by the bowl - a little sweet, a little hot, a little vinegar - a delightful balance. 

Soup Accompaniments

Pho - I think it was Pho chin nam (noodle soup with well done brisket and flank)

My dining companion's lunch, which she consumed with relish!

Bun bo Hue (Tomato-based noodle soup with cayenne pepper, herbs, beef and pork)

My lunch. Noodle soup nirvana.

I have seen these round rice noodles in Asian groceries hundreds of times, and I've even used them in my cooking occasionally. But this was the first time that I'd ever had them in a restaurant dish, and I may swear off pho noodles in favor of these toothy strands - I just love gloppy, chewy-textured noodles (that's the noodle's texture, as opposed to an overcooked noodle). The cayenne made its presence known, but did not overwhelm the dish, which, like the spring roll dipping sauce, was perfectly balanced.

Taro Bubble Tea

Although I enjoyed my bubble tea, I have to say that I think I like Koko Bakery's version of this delicacy a little more. (Koko is at 3710 Payne Ave Cleveland, OH (216) 881-7600 (no website, menu here)). But tea was not the focus of my mission at Superior Pho - and the food at this unassuming little place continues to take after its name. Superior, fun food served with a smile!

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  1. We cannot get enough of Superior Pho! Great post and wonderful photos!

  2. MMMM.This post makes me wanna get my slurp on.