Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun Playing With Ohio City Pasta

Sorry for the delay in posting - real life intervened this week and sent me to Chicago for legal matters.

When last I visited with you, Bob and I had traveled to the West Side Market, in part, to collect the first installment of my winnings from Ohio City Pasta's Facebook contest. As the lucky winner of the "Dinner for Two" contest, I became entitled to select one pound of pasta product and one of their  sauces or butters, once a month, every month, until April 15th, 2011.

And so, last Saturday, we visited the market. It was later in the afternoon by the time we collected from Ohio City Pasta, so their merchandise ranks were a little thinned. But no worries - the empty spaces are a compliment to the product and an assurance that everything they sell is indeed fresh, because it turns over quickly!

Pasta Sheets to the left - I think there may be an Ohio City Pasta Lasagna in my future!

What to choose?

Saffron Linguine 

Basil Linguine (or was it Fettuccine?)

I knew before I got there what I had in mind for at least one meal's worth of the pasta - ramp carbonara!

Hungarian Paprika Bacon from Dohar Meats

Rendered Bacon and Caramelizing Ramps 

Remember those Snap Peas (from my last blog post)?

Oops - the lone egg yolk meant to be whole at service broke when applied to the top of the dish

Dinner, courtesy of Ohio City Pasta, is served! And the Saffron Linguine was the perfect choice for this dish, because the carbonara treatment allowed the delicate saffron notes to come through.

For our next Ohio City Pasta meal, we went for the "quick and easy" - Basil Pasta with Veal Bolognese Sauce. We added some broccoli to up the veggie quotient.


Yep - more ramps - the last of them (thank you Dave W of Live to Cook at Home for the ramps).


Again, we chose well. The basil flavor was fresh and bold, but not overwhelming. The sauce was loaded with big chunks of ground veal, and it tasted delicious. Add a little grated cheese, and the second of our first two Ohio City Pasta meals was a rousing success! 

In case it isn't clear, btw - the contest I won was a "random entry" drawing on the Ohio City Pasta's Facebook page, and they DID NOT ask me to write about them. I am writing about them because, first, I've always loved their products, and second, I'm thrilled they got me back to the West Side Market. Oh, and third - I had a lot of fun playing with the first installment of my prize!

In addition to their "flagship" at the West Side Market, Ohio City Pasta products are available at many area farmer's markets, including Crocker Park, Shaker Square, Kamm's Corner and Tremont. In addition, you may find some of their products at Heinens, Store Locations, Buehlers Grocery Stores, Store Locations and Whole Foods. Ohio City Pasta is a locally owned and operated company selling fresh, fresh products. And, most important - their food is fun to play with!


  1. Wow, looks delicious! Miles Market is selling Ohio City Pasta products too.