Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Playing With Polish Boys

You read that correctly. Polish boys. Not the New Orleans "Po' Boy." But a Cleveland specialty, served up by a ten year old Cleveland classic - the Seti's food truck. Seti's may be found Monday through Friday, from 10am-4pm, in the parking lot of Dean Restaurant Supply, E.34th & Woodland Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115. Seti's is also available for catering. Though I had read some praises of Seti's from no less than Cleveland's Iron Chef Michael Symon, it wasn't blinking strongly on my radar. Until the weekday that I needed to stop at Dean Supply for some catering supplies (Dean has an awesome selection at great prices). 

And there, in the parking lot, with only a small bench for the assembled waiting customers - there it was:


The menu is right on the truck:

Since it was my first time, I had to try the "Best Polish Boy" - which is a  grilled Polish sausage topped with slaw, fries and BBQ sauce. Chili and cheese are both available for a small upcharge. But I had mine "off the rack" as it were. It was hard to get decent photos juggling the goods in my car, but here it is:

The sausage was perfectly cooked and steaming hot, and it snapped beautifully when bitten into, yielding porky juices and tender flavors. My only complaint was that the BBQ sauce sort of took over the sandwich, muting what seemed like wonderful coleslaw, and turning crisp fries mushy. Still, this sandwich made for a great lunch.

I returned to Seti's a few weeks later with my husband in tow - he's lived near Cleveland for almost 60 years and had never had a Polish Boy! We needed to remedy that, and we did.

Bob's Best Polish Boy 

Bob agreed with me that the BBQ sauce overwhelmed the sandwich a bit. But that didn't stop him from enjoying every messy bite!

I opted for the Chili Dog for my second experience:

Chili Dog with Mustard and Chopped Onion 

I'm not a big chili dog kinda girl - but I really loved this sandwich! The chili wasn't very spicy, so the onion and mustard each got to play a note in the final taste.


The fries were fresh, hot, and crispy. The perfect side for a chili dog.

Seti's offers fun food at a cheap price (our lunch for two, with beverages, totaled $10). We had fun playing with Seti's Polish Boys and their other offerings - and though a picnic table or other seating appliance would be nice, the car worked just fine both times. The food is served hot enough (and wrapped well enough) to take some travel, say to an office downtown or a nearby suburb. But when food smells this good, it is so hard to wait!


  1. Part of the thing about a Polish Boy is that the fries get doused with the BBQ sauce, they get a little soggy and the whole sandwich is a mushy mess; the sauce does almost take over. That being said, I don't like Seti's sauce at all. It is a sweet gloppy mess of a sauce and as you discovered masks all the other flavors of the sandwich.

    Maybe I will try the chili dog if I get back that way.

  2. I have got to try this place. I've heard such great things about them, but have never had the chance. Fresh fries and food out of a truck? I'm so there!

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