Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun Playing with the Bounty of the Garden

Is the fall equinox here already? Almost. The garden is turning down, and I have barely shown you any of the goodness Bob worked so hard to produce. So - at the risk of making all of our mouths water for things soon to be gone until next summer - here are some of the highlights:

Garden BLT:

Bob's Made From Scratch White Bread

Assorted Garden Tomatoes - Black Crim (our favorite) Front and Center, the Yellows are Azoychka

Garden Lettuce and Tomato Slices

Trader Joe's Organic Mayo with Chopped Garden Chinese Flowering Chives

The chives lent a new and crunchy dimension to the already fabulous BLT. Bacon came from Czuchraj Meats at the West Side Market.

Caprese Salad - Garden Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Balsamic, EVOO, Salt & Pepper

Slovenian Sausage (Czuchraj Meats), Ohio City Pasta with Garden Tomatoes, Grilled Long Island Peach with Butter

Whole Wheat and Long Island Peach Pancakes

More Czuchraj Meats Slovenian Sausage, Grilled, with Garden Tomato, Green Beans and Pepper.

Garden Lima Beans

Simmered Lima Beans Sauteed in Olive Oil with Garden Peppers

We're not done yet, but we feel the minutes ticking down for our precious plants. Gotta play with your food while the sun shines (and the garden grows)!

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